There was once a time when a cell phone or a mobile was literally just a phone. You used it to call someone, the cost to call was ridiculous and you were very limited to service providers. Now you can call, photograph, listen to not only your girl nagging you for being MIA but your fave tunes, watch the game, be ‘adultly' entertained if your girl nags you too much, email, text, organize, schedule, chat without using your voice and navigate yourself from one side of the world to the other. The opportunities which mobile technology platforms offer us today are endless.

But there is one phone already on the market you need to know about. The Samsung Omnia (SO). Expected to hit Verizon stores as early as next week, here are a few of the things about this phone that set it apart from the iPhone, the Blackberry and any other handheld devices out there. Please bear in mind that these are basically just the built in options, part two of this blog will be the extras.

1. The SO has a built in motion detector. So if you get caught out listening to your music, your boss walks in and you know you should be working and not listening to the latest joints, all you have to do is turn the phone over and it automatically goes onto mute.

2. How many phones have a built in FM Radio? One, this one. Want to listen to your favorite radio show while sitting on the bus, this allows you to do just that. Ever been in a gym that tunes the TV's to radio frequencies.....well now you can even tune in there and keep that work out intense

3. The SO has a 5 mega pixel camera. The clarity on this beats your typical digital camera (seriously I am now able to leave the house with only one device as opposed to four)

4. Now with the presence of this camera comes the option to shoot, edit and post your own movies to a variety of different sites without any hassle.

5. The SO comes with a 16 GB hard drive with the option to add more memory if needed via the MicroSD slot. Mine has an additional 8gb card in it taking my memory capacity up to 24 gigs squashing the iPhone, which leads us into the next plus factor

6. Unlike the iPhone which you are unable to open, the SO allows you to open the phone to change batteries or add the extra memory mentioned above

7. The SO features a TV Out plug which will allow you to do presentations without having to bring your laptop, plug into the hotel room and watch your own movies, videos, or play tunes.

8. Thanks to the camera facility and the media capability on this phone video calling is easy done.

9. The SO also comes with in built Wi-Fi and GPS

10. Unlike iPhone they use the vibration mechanism built into the device which vibrates when for example you are typing, it will vibrate when you hit the letters as opposed to the iPhone where you just have the visual response. This was a very important feature to me as tactile response is what has kept me from adopting touch only phones in the past. I use to miss the feel of a keyboard until now, the vibration response is just what I needed.

And if these facts aren't doing it for you, check back for part two which gives you an insight to the extras you can add on.—Arif Gursel