By day, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson are mild-mannered Roto-Rooter employees, but by night they become the Ghost Hunters, America's leading paranormal investigators and the stars of one of the Sci-Fi Channel's most popular shows. In honor of Halloween, we asked the duo to name the five creepiest places in the U.S. Surprisingly, the Neverland Ranch didn't make the list.

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The Myrtles Plantation—St. Francisville, Louisiana

Grant Wilson: This place is the epitome of a plantation. Its got the fields, the ripe trees—it's beautiful. A lot of different things happened there: a guy shot another guy on the porch, a slave poisoned some kids.

Jason Hawes: Her name was Chloe. She poisoned the children, but she didn't want to get them deathly ill. She wanted to get them sick so she could show how important she was to the family and she overdid it. The children died and the owners of the plantation killed her. There are a lot of reports of people seeing full body apparition walking all over the grounds. It's a special place.

Eastern State Penitentiary—Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Jason: We saw some strange stuff there. We caught a black mass actually coming towards the camera and then darting away. A couple of hours prior to us catching that, one of our investigators witnessed the same thing down another hallway.

Grant: This was a penitentiary—not a prison. Everybody there was in solitary confinement, so they wouldn't talk to another prisoner the whole time. It was meant to get the people to repent and better themselves—not necessarily just to punish them. The prisoners would have to walk around with their heads covered with these shawls—just like what we saw.

Race Rock Lighthouse—Fisher's Island, New York

Jason: This is the place that the coast guard is even scare to go to, so you have to wonder what's going on there.

Grant: All the main ocean currents come into Race Rock, so there was something like 80 deaths due to all the boat crashed on these rocks. The coast guard has reported seeing wet footprints walk across the floor of the lighthouse and hearing voices even though nobody was there. They called us in and asked us to find out if something was there. We showed them footage of a chair sliding across the floor on its own. They said they would now have guys wear tennis shoes so they can out of there fast enough.

Jennie Wade House—Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Jason: There are endless reports of paranormal activity coming from Gettysburg. People experience things during the day and night. I stayed at the Jennie Wade House and at one point the lights were turning on and off by themselves. We were having doors open and close. There was a loud scream that came from a bedroom right next to us that nobody was staying in. People have seen full body apparitions of soldiers walking down that street during the day that all of a sudden just vanish.

Crescent Hotel—Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Grant: Back at the turn of the century, a guy bought this place and turned it into a miracle cure center for cancer patients. He would drill a hole in their skulls and put mineral oil and crushed walnuts in there to cure their brain cancer. Needless to say, he would have a bunch of bodies piled in the basement. Then hearses would come and take the bodies in the middle of the night. We went down in the basement with our thermal imaging camera and we caught what looks like a soldier nodding at us. It was very clear. At one point in the night, we sent one of our investigators up to my room to get something out of my computer bag. He couldn't open the door and finally he just pushed hard enough that it opened. That's when he realized that my computer bag was leaned up against the doorjamb on the inside of the room. I don't' even know how that would happen. I left the bag on the other side of the room. How would you even set that up?