To be frank, your measurements are not of this earth.
A lot of people say that I look like a man just told God how he wanted to create a woman and he created me. My measurements are 34-24-40.

A dude walked up to me one time and said, "I'm not spitting game at you or anything, but where did you leave your waist at?”

He wasn't spitting game like I wasn't ogling your goodies at the shoot…for work purposes, of course.
[Laughs] I can't even go to clubs and party how I want to 'cause dudes won't let me be. I can go out in some jeans and a shirt and I still get the same reaction.

With your hip-to-ass ratio, you must rock the hell out of some Seven Jeans.
My $1,000 Sevens.

$1,000 jeans?! That must mean you either have a sugar daddy or you're involved in the street's risky stock market, 'cause you ain't got no job, man!
Now you being hot. You never ask a person how they make their money.

Well, what if Hef came at you to make some money?
If I'm established in the industry and he came at me with, say a million or better…

So that'll be $250,000 per body part, by my calculations.
[Laughs] Yep! That's $250,000 for the right titty; $250,000 for the left titty; $500,000 for the face and $250,000 for the ass.

Hike up the ass price. There's a recession, you know.
Nah, my whole ass ain't everything. It's about my shape and the total package.

—Sean A. Malcolm