Imagine if Hulk Hogan ran a porn empire and you'll have a good idea of what goes down on Luther Campbell's new VH1 reality show, "Parental Advisory." Debuting on Monday, the series finds hip hop's original bad boy (sorry, Diddy) on the daily grind, raising two children and settling down with his fiancée all while running his media company, Luke Entertainment. Now that his "Banned in the U.S.A." days are behind him, the former 2 Live Crew hype man is giving readers some relationship advice. Who better to ask then the man who wrote "Pop That Pussy?”

I love porn, but my girl can't stand it. Is there anyway I can get my chick to watch some movies with me?

Well, first, you have to understand what your girl likes in bed, because there are all different degrees of porn. There's hardcore, there's super hardcore and there's softcore porn. Let her see some of the softer stuff first. You have to ease her into it. Don't just go putting on fucking Lexington Steele and have her looking at him murdering everything! Introduce her to the soft porn first then graduate her. But if she says she don't like porn when she likes getting fucked in the bed you need to say, "Stop playing with me! You're bullshitting me right now, because I know what we do in bed and you had to learn that shit somewhere [laughs]!”

Anytime I get into a fight with my chick she ends up slapping me. I'm not about to hit her back, but is it alright for a girl to hit a dude?

It's always okay for a woman to slap a man, especially if you do something wrong. If you were looking at another woman while y'all were sitting there then that's highly disrespectful and she should slap the shit out of you. The only time its not good for a woman to slap you is when she call you a bad name then you call her a bad name then she slap you. She's not supposed to slap you when she did something wrong! Then you gotta say, "Why you slapping me? What if I slap you?” That's wrong, because it's never okay for a man to slap a girl. But if you did something wrong then its okay for you to get slapped.

All I want is a threesome, but I don't know how to talk my girl into it. Any tips?

There's plenty of ways to talk a girl into a threesome. First, you have to find out if she's curious or not. You might throw a porno on with a threesome and she might like it. Or maybe you have some conversations about different sexual acts. You have to find out whether or not she wants to be a part of it. Initially most girls say no, but you have to be real subtle with it. Most girls feel like that's what all guys want and they don't have any respect for it. They just want the girl to be in a threesome and girls get offended by that. But then there are a lot of girls who wouldn't mind being in a threesome. But the guy has to be able to deliver it the proper way and not make it seem like he's desperate.
Luke's Parental Advisory premieres August 4 AT 10:30PM ET/PT on VH1