AGE: "I'm grown!”


HEIGHT: 5'0”


ETHNICITY: African American

HOMETOWN: Detroit, Michigan

WEB SITE: Coming Soon

TWITTER: twitter.com/sweetgloss

YOU'VE SEEN HERE IN: "The number one magazine called KING. This is my third time."


KING: You do know you're practically like family to KING, right? Either you're posing for our cameras or working behind the scenes on our shoots. But for those who don't know, you moonlight as a makeup artist, right?

CANDICE: It's really the other way around; I was a makeup artist first, and I've even done makeup for this magazine. Modeling came when photographers and other models suggested I hop in front of the camera. Guess it was my assets that launched my modeling career.

We'll get to those later…Being an artist is always my first love, though. I don't model much because of the politics and bullshit. But KING has always been good to me so I thank you for your professionalism—that's a very rare quality these days in this industry.

Appreciated. On your photo shoot, you got a bit too into your surroundings in the bed and shower. Care to explain your inspiration? I had a few dirty thoughts going through my mind to get me in that zone. Plus, I felt so sexy I felt like a goddess. When the shoot moved to the shower and that showerhead was in my hands, my body started to tingle. I wanted to try it out right there.

Wait…try it out? Yeah, it made me miss my showerhead at home. I have a confession.

We're not Catholic priests but we'll hear you out.


**Read what Candice's confession is in the Fall 2010 Edition of The Women of KING on newsstands now**