How can a man rock your hips?
He has to be a loving son of God, first and foremost. He has to have money, be able to take care of me and have a lot of common sense and street sense too—'cause how the world is today, it's crazy.

It's really not that bad, is it?
Life is crazy. You ain't turned to Maury lately? People are crazy.

Speaking of the devil, what's the wildest thing you'd like to try?
I did bungee jumping last year. I wanna jump out of a helicopter with a parachute one day.

Are you forgetting this is a KING interview?
It wouldn't be nothing crazy. Just romantic; rose petals, bubble bath, a whole other atmosphere. I've been on a beach before, and it was just so romantic…scented candles and stuff. So that, for me, is adventurous in a KING-speaking way [laughs].

The sand must have reached some not-too-pleasant places. Sounds like you're into exhibitionism.
I be getting wild—buck wild. Sometimes, if I'm caught up in the moment of the song, I look at my fans, and they're just singing every word I'm saying, giving me that look. I feel like I trust them, and I want to run out there in that mosh pit. Run and bounce and fly into that crowd and let them know, ‘I trust y'all. I want to see if you're gonna hold me up or let me fall.' It's just a certain bond.

Pretty deep. Now on to more shallow affairs. What's the most recent tattoo you've had done?
I got a heart inside my wrist, with a knife going in it and blood dripping. It's like a bracelet, and inside my wrist it says, LOVE IS PAIN.

Oh, yeah, that's real.— Jayson Rodriguez