Eva La Dare isn't the typical model. What sets you apart from the crowd?
Definitely the fire. I get a lot of attention for eating, breathing, twirling and putting fire on my body. My latest talent, which I was doing on the T-Wayne tour, is fire pasties. I have this costume that actually allows me to light my nipples on fire.

Hot stuff. Pun intended.
Another popular act of mine is a striptease on stilts. They're not your typical circus kind of stilts--definitely more sexy, sensual, more fun. It's always so cool to see the expression on people's faces, because they don't expect it and I like to do the unexpected.

Mr. Thr33 Ringz must've lost his mind when he found you.
I've been working with him since June of last year. We did SNL, we did Jimmy Kimmel. One time would be on stilts, another time would be fire, sometimes it would be fire on stilts. I did an aerial number above his piano on 106 & Park as he played "Can't Believe It." Then we went on tour for two months and came back about a month ago.

Did you run into any male groupies looking to get their circus freak on during the T-Wayne tour?
Oh yeah. For some reason the stilts seem to ignite more fantasies than the fire. ‘Do you ever take the stilts to bed?' I get asked that a lot. Are you going to ask me?

Um, yes.
Well, the stilts don't fit in bed. It's certainly something to explore, but you can't really keep your balance if you're doing other things.

And wearing the flaming pasties in the bedroom would just be a fire hazard.
I was actually asked at one point to burn someone's nipples. I didn't go through with it, because I didn't know the person well enough, but there are those that prefer the fire over the stilts.

You also get off on computerized violence. What's your involvement with Resident Evil 5?
I'm the voice and motion actor for the lead character, Sheva Alomar.

What kind of character is Sheva? Is she waiting for the hero or does she do the saving?
Oh, she's a bad ass. She joins up with Chris Redfield, the other playable character in the game, and they both go to town trying to get rid of the zombies. I was happy to be able to portray her, because I'm not a damsel-in-distress-loving gal. I want to be able to hold my own and be an equal and Sheva is totally that.

So you're a bad ass in real life, too?
I eat fire, come on!

Point taken.—Ryan Murphy