Worst TV moment?
"That's easy. When I was outside and I said, "I don't wanna be pretty, pretty Aubrey.” My whole family makes fun of me for that. I didn't know I was on camera, because they had [them] hanging from a tree.”

Biggest surprise since Making the Band?
"The entire entertainment industry is all horseplay. It's all set up.”

Worst part about Danity Kane?
"The fact that you can't make a decision unless four other people agree on it. In the worst-case scenario, three people have to agree with it—it's in our group contract. Getting three people to agree with how you think an outfit should be worn is difficult for us.”

Favorite pastime when you aren't working?
"Two of my best friends are Kim Kardashian and Jenna Jameson, and we like to shop. If I'm not by myself, I'm with one of them, and they usually get me in trouble. Kim is pretty innocent. I see more wife and mom in her than I see scandal. Jenna and I are a little more alike, but I don't have any sex tapes [laughs].”

Bad Boy trivia time: Name two members of the Lox.
"First one is my good friend Styles P. Also my good friend but not as good a friend, Jadakiss. I hope he gets on our album.”

OK, you're official. Why will people remember Aubrey?
"My personality; being outgoing; being fearless. Puff said it was this thing about me that everybody wanted to be around me. He also said I was beautiful but I wore too much fake hair and makeup [laughs].”