Girls of College Hill: Anya & Audrina

Anya Holland

What's the main difference between being a normal undergrad, and a normal undergrad on TV?
We cannot walk anywhere without people saying, "Those are the girls from College Hill.”

What body part do you think brings the boys to your yard?
Probably my butt they say it's shaped differently 'cause it pokes out.

Is that a factor between the sheets?
I like it [doggy style] in the same form, but not in the same place. Riding is real fun. If it's fun yes, if it's not, I'm going to say no.

When you were in the hot tub, you checked to see if your castmate, Rodney, was a real Trojan man. Is size important to you?
Yeah. It's the same thing with guys. They don't want girls with small butts.

True indeed. Have you ever had a bad experience with someone in that area?
No, I haven't [laughs]. Everything has been copasetic.

Lucky you. Even though you were talking to someone during the show, were you attracted to anyone in the house?

Not really. But I would say Arlando has a cute face and Rodney has a nice body.

Once and for all, was there sex going on in the house?!


Were you part of it?

No! [Laughs]

Audrina Clyde

Since the cameras stopped rolling, how have fans of the show embraced you?
I've gotten more attention, and people understand me for who I am because I'm real blunt at times.

Alright, allow me to be blunt: What's the sexiest part of your body?
I have gorgeous legs. Nice and long.

Just the way God intended them to be. Usually, on reality shows, people are knocking boots within the first few days. I know guys weren't studying that much.

Sometimes, you just wanna take it slow. I like to have an emotional connection with them first. It feels so much better than just fucking.

Yeah, that's so last semester. On the show, you wanted to join the fashion club; but unfortunately they weren't feeling your strut. Now you're doing spreads on! Looks like you really had the last laugh.
Yeah, I'm glad they didn't pick me because it was a stepping-stone and a lesson I learned. So, now, when I go to the modeling agencies and fashion shows, I practice my ass off until it's perfect. I'm a be that bitch!

In the strip club, you were giving the dancers a run for their money with that lap dance you gave your boyfriend. Where did you learn those tricks?
I'm not a dancer! I liked to move to the music, I was feeling myself and him, so I just wanted to show him a good time.

Are you single now?

I'm basically single. But I'm not giving anyone any titles.

Word? So where can all prospective candidates apply for an interview? I hope there isn't a fee.
I'm not going to answer that. If I like you, I'm going to approach you. Most of the dudes that approach me, I don't give ‘em any play.