It's been a tough year in sports—and in general (really Kwame?)—for the citizens of Detroit. Actually, with the struggling economy and car sales at an all-time low, I can imagine it's down right depressing in Motor City.

The Pistons choked, again, in the Eastern Conference Finals. The Tigers, despite having one of the best looking teams on paper, have been a postseason afterthought for the last two months. Sure, the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup, but how many of you would've known that if I hadn't said anything?

But, fear not Detroit fans—you've finally gotten a break.

After seven years of mediocrity, poor management and embarrassing moments (sounds like the current executive branch of the federal government doesn't it?) the Detroit Lions finally fired C.E.O and president Matt Millen on Wednesday.

"I have relieved Matt Millen of his duties effective immediately," Lions owner William Clay Ford said in a statement Wednesday afternoon.

Since 2001, Millen-created teams have won a league-low 31 games. If you can't do the math, that's roughly a 4-12 record each season.

Detroit was routed in each of its first three games this season, falling behind 21-0 twice and 21-3 once en route to lopsided losses. The Lions are off this week.

The 0-3 start dropped Millen to 31-84 overall, giving the Lions at least 10 more losses than any other NFL team the past seven-plus seasons during one of the worst stretches in league history.

Not to mention some of their horrendous draft picks, like Charles Rodgers (no longer in the NFL), Joey Harrington (no longer in the NFL) and Mike Williams (no longer in the NFL).

Historically, this has been of the poorest, most inept franchises in all of professional sports. Maybe Barry Sanders was right to jump ship when he did.

Millen's firing was just another in a long line of resets the organization has gone through. What now though? Head coach Rod Marinelli will most certainly not survive the off-season for a franchise that has the worst record in the NFC (10-25 since 2006)

That's pretty bad.

My solution? Keep Ernie Sims, Calvin Johnson, Roy Williams and Andre Fluellen.

Everyone else? Two fingaz.