I bet you took the wings home with you after the shoot.
Yes! I'm planning on wearing them for Halloween. I'll be a seductive angel [laughs].

If you don't want to be arrested for indecent exposure, I'd suggest you wear a top with those wings.
I'll be wearing clothes. Angels can't be naked…

Well, you don't even look old enough to get arrested.
Yeah, I'm 18. I'm a baby [laughs].

But you're old enough to realize that Dominicans drive dudes loco en la cabeza?
Ay, somos tan calientes!

That means yes, "We are so hot.”

Can you shake your hips like Shakira with a bladder problem? That would be muy caliente.
Yes! Not necessarily to reggaeton, though—that's when you're really on the floor, grinding.

Is that what you do?
No, that's not what I do. You're trying to switch my words up [laughs]. But we have more flavor to bring. I feel Hispanic and Black women bring something different to the table.

Preach, mi hermana!
We're more sensual—especially Latin women. You can make anything sound sexy in Spanish. Give me something to say.

Um . . . "Fry me some eggs.”
Fríame algunos huevos [laughs]. Okay, maybe not that. That actually sounds kind of perverted.