NAME: Jenny Costa

AGE: 28


HEIGHT: 5'10”


ETHNICITY: African American and Swedish

HOMETOWN: Portland, Oregon, by way of Denver, Colorado

TWITTER: twitter.com/superbratty

KING: We're guessing only a few models have interesting stories as to when they ended up shooting half-naked for a magazine. You definitely have your tale in regards to being in this particular issue.

JENNY: Right, and I had never even been to a casting.

We already have that section reserved, sweetie. So how did you come out of left field?

I went to the shoot to meet up with my roommate and watch the gorgeous Sakara Ross do her thing. I walked in the door, and you guys asked if I was a model, to which I replied no. But that didn't seem to matter because, the next thing you know, I was in four-inch heels and a bikini posing in the flashing lights.


See how life works itself out? You're welcome.

[Laughs] Yes, thank you—even though, at first, during our shoot I was intimidated and even a little shy. I had never done sexy pictures before, but it turned out to be really fun and a great experience.

You had a little bit too much fun with that garden hose, too. Is there something you want to tell us, J.?

Just that I had a Slip 'n Slide when I was little, so it brought back memories. Gotta keep the slide wet, right? Hose, please!

Be sure to check out the rest of Jenny's interview and pictures when The Women of KING hits newsstands August 2nd.