Though it's progress, most would think going from dancing with Prince to dancing in hip-hop videos is ass-backwards. Why fill those clips?
When you're invited to perform in somebody's video, you better do something phenomenal. I wanted to give something different, not just modeling and standing there, but I wanted to give just as much as the artists are giving. It's acting.

That's one way to look at it.
When they ask me to do the videos, the stigma about girls, it's really everyone else's opinion. [But] I'm gonna be honest…housewives and mothers, girlfriends, and young girls, they look at these videos. Trust me, a lot of housewives are checking out these videos when their husbands aren't home to check out what the hottest dance moves are, and the sexy things to do to turn on their man.

Well, sensei, what would it take for me to see your moves?
I have to be in love with you. When someone gives you a complete feeling, not half full, not half empty, but full, to the top, and that nurtures your spirit as well as your physical sense—which is last to me—you have to really plug into my outlet, empower me.

[Long pause] Okay. Now in layman's terms, please.
There's a person, that wants to see me win, and I want to see him win, and we're living our lives.

We see. Hiding something, are we? Let's keep the illusion alive. Describe your perfect man.
A man that loves to laugh, business savvy, creative, can market himself, and who's in control but in a very healthy way. A man who isn't selfish and who loves to see me do what I do, because with having so many artists and men around, you have to have a good security about yourself.

Being the atypical video model, how do you handle all the fellas on sets?
I'll greet them back, but if they go into, "I'd like to get to know you,” this type of thing, I'm like, "We'll see each other around.” It's giving you a friend card. I pass out friend coupons.

Kinda like Popeye's coupons? I love those!
I love Popeye's! Something about that chicken…

Gotta love breasts and thighs.—Jozen Cummings