You have an upcoming VH1 reality show, The Sixth Man. What keeps you in the game? You've got 80 million reasons to put it on cruise control.
I never wanted to just have a baby, be with an NBA player and do nothing. I've always maintained my relationships in business. When people start asking, "Where's LaLa?” the response is usually, "Oh, she isn't doing shit.” That's never going to happen over here.

Props for that. The rigors of an NBA season can be brutal. How do you help
Carmelo cope after a tough loss?

We'll talk about it and I'll be as supportive as I can. I'll tell him, "You got another game to prove yourself. You're only as good as your last game.” Sometimes, though, you know when it's best not to say anything.

Who's the player he'd most likely want to call out sick against?
[Laughs] You'll never get him to admit it, but I know that when he comes home, the players he's most sore from are Matt Harping [Utah Jazz] and Bruce Bowen [San Antonio Spurs]. Whenever he gets home, he's black and blue.

Speaking of the Spurs, Eva Longoria gets maximum facetime during hubby Tony Parker's games. What gives?
Eva Longoria is a friend of mine. I love her to death. Obviously she's hot and popular right now, and they want to capitalize off that. Plus, the Spurs are always kicking ass; they always do well against the Nuggets. I think all of those factors add up. We're always joking about whose man is better.

Why don't you two settle the rivalry on the court? The Parkers versus the Anthonys!
[Laughs] Of course Melo and I would win that. We got height over those shrimps!

— Rondell Conway