Singing: B

"There's always room for me to grow and learn more about music in general.”

Homework: "I listen to a lot of great singers—Tank, Brandy, Kiki Sheard—and practice all day.”

Dancing: A - / B +

"I doubt myself more than I think, ‘I can do it!' I always think I can get better.”

Homework: "I learn from B-boys and underground dancers. I keep my ear to the street and go to places where there are new dances and people who are trendsetters.”

Songwriting: A

"All the songs I've written have been number one! I'm on a roll, and hopefully I can keep it going.”

Homework: "It's about observing and experiencing real-life situations—going to the store or mall, watching TV, playing video games, reading books. You can always come up with concepts.”

Acting: B -

"I wouldn't call myself a Will Smith or a Morgan Freeman. [Laughs] I gotta learn. Crying on command—I'm still working on that.”

Homework: "I don't use an acting coach. I learn from the other actors on set. I sit in the corner and watch how they act.”

Modeling: B

"I'm a little insecure about how I look. I don't think I'm the hottest thing on the market.”

Homework: "I have to be myself rather than being something I'm not. Hopefully, that'll appeal to everybody.”

Swagger: A +

"I don't try to be fake, and my confidence isn't taken for arrogance. I just don't care what everybody else is wearing or who's the trendsetter in style. And I don't care if gossip sites are like, ‘What is he wearing?' I try to go past that boundary and do my own thing.”

Homework: [None required]—As told to Katie Hintz