Few things are more nerve racking for a woman than doing it in front of a camera for the first time. Luckily, Los Angeles bombshell Maliah Michel (pronounced mee-shell) isn't close-minded…or clothes minded. "I got naked,” recalls the giggly 23-year-old about her debut photo op. While Maliah appears to be sold on the less-is-more ideal, there are some obsequious characteristics within that jaw-dropping 36-26-45 frame of hers. "I can be the girl in every man's fantasy,” Maliah whispers. Duly noted. [Inner voice: That "royal penis” scene in Coming to America ruled! And I've had countless dreams about it, which qualifies it as a fantasy. Maybe…]

You know the lyrical writers in us love alliteration. What, pray tell, is the meaning of your name?
Maliah stands for hot, sweet, sexy and on fire.

In what language?
In my language [laughs].

Sounds like a porn dialect. What does it take for you to soften up?
Honestly, I'm a sucker for massages—full-body, please.

What else?
I'm a hopeless romantic. Men have to learn how to romance. I'm a caterer but I also like to be catered to. You have to give in order to get, and you have to keep your man happy. I'll be waiting at home with a nice home-cooked meal and a bubble bath. I love to give massages as well as dress up and do a sexy dance for the special man in my life.

So what's your choice of dress—nurse or patient?
I go through the whole nine, like lingerie, garter belts, stockings, pumps…