Morgan Jolly craves attention. So it's no surprise that the 23-year-old launched to satisfy her exhibitionist streak. "Be ready to view and enjoy, because I'm cute in the face and small in the waist,” she playfully brags. "I believe in giving my fans the full Morgan Jolly experience.”

Members can experience her 34B-24-43, Coke-bottle shape in up to 50 galleries. They include shoots of Morgan pushing a stalled car while half naked or fishing in a thong. They can also ogle videos of these photo shoots set to current radio hits. The self-proclaimed "VJ of this site” pulls off an "MTV meets Playboy theme” without a hitch. Actually, the Detroit-born lovely already has video entries posted on YouTube (visit "I have an array of different concepts,” she says. "Normally, bigger-booty girls have the regular looking-over-the-shoulder shots with their ass oiled up. That's been done a million times and it's boring.”

Well, it may be as mind-numbing as watching From G's to Gents, but never fear; there are ample flicks with Morgan's posterior on display. So, care to retract your last statement? "Those are just the pics that guys love to see nowadays,” shrugs Morgan. "It's sad to say, but ass is what sells.” Glad you see it our way. — Sean A. Malcolm