For those of you who haven't caught up on the cyber acronyms, SMH means "shaking my head.” I travel a lot and every time I travel I see or experience something that makes me SMH. I was at the airport in the ladies bathroom and like most people I wash my hands after I use the bathroom (we know there's a lot out there who don't lol). I get over to the sink and this girl is washing her dog in the sink! I couldn't believe it! This is where people wash their hands. I was so grossed out. Maybe it's just I'm easily grossed out, who knows. My good friend April Watts told me I should have said something to her, I was in such disbelief, I wouldn't have been able to form the words. I just thought to myself "what would Miss Manners say?"

At least once or twice a day I have to pause to SMH. Not only does this include actions, put it can also include words—especially in the cyberworld where people are just outright nasty and hide behind their keyboard. I really think common courtesy and politeness is a thing of the past, but now and then someone shows me that it still exists. I'm not perfect by a longshot, however, I do pause to consider others before I do or say things. The next time you get an urge to be rude, think about it and consider yourself being on the receiving end. I've listed some thing below that make me SMH. What makes you SYH (Shake Your Head)? Feel free to keep the list going.

  • 1. Someone blowing their nose while I'm eating
  • 2. Someone having a personal war by posting a bulletin on MySpace or their status on Facebook
  • 3. Someone spitting out their car window right next to your car (spitting in general is disgusting to me lol)
  • 4. Breaking up with someone via text message
  • 5. Not holding the door for someone when they are directly coming in the door behind you
  • 6. Wearing jeans and showing people a little extra when your bend over (this doesn't just apply to plumbers lol)
  • 7. Someone licking their fingers as they are serving food to other people
  • 8. Double Dipping (feel free to go where ever you like with that one lol)
  • 9. Someone not washing their hands after they use the bathroom
  • 10. Anyone questioning President-Elect Obama's US citizenship (this doesn't really deal with politeness, etc.) but it really make me SMH!!!

"Politeness and consideration for others is like investing pennies and getting dollars back."-Thomas Sowell

*The above photo is courtesy of the Boondocks: Aaron McGruder created this character based on my photos (on the show she was a lunatic, I'm far from being one of those, depending on who you ask LOL)