So, Eve, what do you look for in your Adam?
My Adam would be a street-smart guy who's cool, sincere and loving. He's an asshole to everyone else, like he's running shit, but treats me like a princess.

Can a brotha with a bus pass get on board?
You gotta have a car, at least. Niggas need to step their game up.

You're sour. I bet you're a drill sergeant in bed.
I mean, I'm not telling you to switch or get on top or something. Other than that, do what you want. Take me, pimpin'.

Not a problem. What's your preference, nice and slow or fast and reckless?
Both. Start off slow then speed it up a little later.

Before anyone hits you with that tortoise-rabbit maneuver, how much do you make 'em work?
Depends on the vibe. If I'm feeling you and you're feeling me, and you want to take me somewhere separate from the rest of the crowd, then let's talk. And if you throw me in a corner, you're showing me you're serious.

When you have a sore back from getting tossed on walls don't complain my way, deal?
Nobody's gonna grab me up. I'm pretty much a good girl.

Right, and Amy Winehouse is pretty much sober.
I am a good girl. You know how they say, freak in the sheets and a lady in the streets? But only toward the one person I'm messing with.

That's what they all say. What makes you so different?
On a physical level, I'm all natural. I have all my hair, all my teeth, I don't have corns on my toes—my feet are very lickable and luscious.

How many licks does it take to…
Licking toes always gets a thumbs up. Licking in general always gets a thumbs up.