Did Obama make the right move selecting Joe Biden as his VP?
I have always liked Biden. The problem is, can he get the disaffected Hillary Clinton voters? Barack gets an old white man, and right now everybody hates old men. Biden didn't win one primary; Hillary won 18.

What do you think of Republicans calling Obama an "elitist”? Sounds like the pot calling the kettle, um, black.
Elitist? [Republicans] put that elitist tag on every Democrat. For them not to know that [Republicans] would try to do that is asinine. Carter, Mondale, Gore, Kerry—they did it to them all. The Democrats don't know how to fight.

Then do you agree with Obama's recent emphasis on going negative against McCain?
Dirty tricks is how you win the game. It's not nice and sweet. Americans like someone who appears strong and tough. It's important to our self-image. Obama needs to attack him every day. You don't stop the bully in school by talking to him, by reasoning with him. You stop him by beating him up and taking his lunch money.

Did Obama hesitate because he didn't want to be branded an "angry black man”?
They need to fight dirty; that's the only way to win. He should be destroying McCain. McCain's weakness is that he's Republican, and with everything that's happened in the last eight years, people hate Republicans. If you would have told me a few months ago that the race would be tied, I would have said it was inconceivable. There's a 10 percent difference between a generic Republican and a generic Democrat. But Obama and McCain are tied? Why is that? You know why. — Khalid Salaam