When Yung Berg chose Casha as his number one P.Y.T., we took note. But it wasn't until we saw the L.A.-born songstress in the video for Berg's "The Business” that we became dedicated Stans. As the Teairra Marí Rihanna to Berg's Jay-Z, Casha is the latest female artist to get major burn from an established MC, but success didn't come overnight. We talked to the petite beauty to find out how long she's been grinding to earn her spot and why she claim she's "better than Beyonce" on the dance floor.

By Sammy Newman-Beck
You've been getting major looks thanks to your appearance on Yung Berg's "The Business.” Has this exposure been a long time coming?
Before doing the song with Berg, I was in the group Candy Hill for a long time. We had one single, but it really wasn't out there like "The Business” is now. "The Business” has basically been my debut.

Have you been grinding for this break your whole life?
Yeah, I've been singing since I was a little girl. I used to sing in church and that's how I started. Then I joined Candy Hill and I was in the group since I was 15 years old up. I finally left this year and I'm 22 now.

22? I thought you were 19!
Nope, I just look young [laughs].

Why did you leave Candy Hill?
Well, I was with them for years and it really just wasn't working out. I have been doing a lot of things with Yung Berg and it's been crazy. With Candy Hill we weren't really doing anything anymore, we weren't even with Universal Republic anymore. We used to be with them but we got out of it.. When the situation came along with Berg I jumped on that bandwagon and the record is doing really well. "The Business” is a Top Ten record right now, so I guess everything was for the best.

How did you link up with Yung Berg?
I met him at our friend's music video. We exchanged numbers and just started working in the studio right away. "The Business” was one of the first songs we ever did. Ever since we met I've been messing with his whole camp. We clicked and we've become like best friends.

Berg listed you as his number one "Pretty Young Thing.” Is there anything romantic going on there?
Oh, no. He always puts me as his number one and all that. I guess it's cause I'm his first artist and because were so close as friends. But no, there's nothing romantic.

Are you single?
Yes, I'm currently single and loving it. I'm mingling.


There's a song on your MySpace called "Wife Beater” where you talk about going after a guy. Are you the kind of girl who approaches men?
No! A guy has to come and get me! I feel too thirsty if I do that. I keep it cool and play it cool. If they want me they can come get me.

So are you dating anyone we might recognize?
I'm not really interested in that. I don't want to date anyone in the industry.

Come on, you must have a celebrity crush. Kanye? LL?
Ummm, when I was young I used to be in love with Ginuwine [laughs].

Ginuwine? You know that dude's real name is Elgin Lumpkin, right? Doesn't seem so hot anymore, does he?
[Laughs] I was infatuated with the whole Aaliyah, Missy, Timbaland and Ginuwine movement. I definitely loved Ginuwine.

Are you signed to a record company right now?
No. Right now there are so many labels that want me, so I'm just trying to go with the best situation. Something should be finalized in the next couple weeks.

Is your solo album currently in the works?
Yeah, I'm working on it right now. Rob Holliday is producing most of it. I already have a second single called "Happy Birthday,” but I'm still working on my first single.

From what we've heard, the album will be packed with club bangers. Can you thrown down like Beyonce and Ciara?
I'm on the same level. I've been dancing since I was really young. There's a dance place called Millennium near my house. I used to just go there and take classes and dance all the time.

Are all the girls in the club going to be doing what Casha's doing?
Yup, because I'm going to have a real dope choreographer. I'm gonna set trends! It's gonna be poppin!