Talk about a great view. With her yellow sundress' top section clinging for dear life, Sallie Touissant is breathtaking even while seated. Oh, and the sun setting over the Hudson River behind her isn't too shabby, either.

The 29-year-old beauty is equally stunning. A former Miss Connecticut and Miss World USA, the actress is, thankfully, single. "I do my own thing, and always will,” says the face of Bacardi Flavors. "The right person will come along. I'm not settling for a corn nugget.” Veggie-free players, don't let the hard exterior fool you. At heart, Ms. T is a softie. "This little boy at the orphanage, Joshua, will cuddle up to me when I'm leaving and ask me not to go.” Sounds like we found our next intern.

By Grant Moser

You've played a girlfriend on The Sopranos and wifey to another mobster in The Departed. We detect a theme.
I'm noticing a trend, too. I have auditioned for other things, but these are the roles I'm getting. Maybe because I'm gifted in the front.

Not at all. They're just your normal, run of the mill…
Just your normal double Ds. They used to be bigger in high school, but now I've lost weight.

Have any school pictures? You know, for story purposes. Considering your height, male WNBA scouts would've licked your Nike bottoms back then. How tall are you?
Five foot 9. But people always think I'm taller. Maybe it's the heels.

Heels are good. Wear the heels.
You little freak. I hope your wife isn't reading this interview.

What advice do you have for a culturally challenged man who wants to impress a woman from Trinidad?
Say "O gawd gyil” and ask her if you can cook her some dasheen and salt fish. In the morning.

Wow, sleazy pickup lines work in Trinidad? Plane ticket booked. Is it different for someone in the limelight to go out on a date?
I'm not in the limelight.

You seem to keep forgetting that you're a model and an actress.
It's not like people are like, "Oh, there's Sallie!”


They will after this story comes out.
Maybe. And after they see the scandalous scene in the movie.

Equally scandalous is what your wore while deflowering your men's mag virginity for our lens.
Bra and panties. And high heels. Because, you know, you always wear high heels in bed.

I'll definitely tell my wife that.
You know, I bought a girlfriend some freaky high heels for Christmas and told her to wear them for her husband. She was like "Oh my god, I'd never do that.” I was so shocked. I thought she was a freak. I was very disappointed.

Would you wear heels in bed for your husband?
What do you think?

I think you'd do it for somebody that wasn't your husband.
I would do it if I felt like it. Or if he had a hard day.

If I were your man, I'd have a hard day every day.
So to speak. Are you going to make me sound like some big whore?

Not too much.
Sorry, Dad.