How can a dude on the street casually get the hook-up?
Honestly, I wouldn't give my number and I wouldn't take your number because it's a random meeting. You know, people always try to talk you. It's better to be in a social setting where you can talk to the individual.

So what's the ideal setting?
It just has to happen on its own and be natural. At a club, guys are always trying to holla at girls so you're already not feeling it. Guys will holla at everybody and say everything. You don't know who's genuine or not.

Well I guess Tony Yayo's pickup line, "C'mon ma, let me eat your fur-burger,” wouldn't be a cool icebreaker.
At this point, I just ignore everything a guy says to me when he hollas. It's always something crazy.

Would you ever grab the situation by the balls and step to a dude?
I've never been the type to approach anybody. If anything, I'd try walk past them or make eye contact. I would never take the initiative to holla at him or get his number. If he didn't do it, it probably wouldn't happen.

You told me what turns you on mentally. What physical features get your juices flowing?
Physically I like men really tall. I'm like 5'6. When I go out I wear heels so I like [men] to be a little taller than me. Brown skin to dark skin, nice build. I don't like little skinny guys. I like somebody that's a little thicker. Maybe a little low haircut, the most facial hair, a mustache or goatee.

OK. We're getting somewhere. What's your idea of a romantic date?
I love going someplace nice and eating.

I can get a Sizzlers reservation, pronto.