My apologies for the lack of entries for this column, but take a look at the current crop of movies out in theaters and then ask yourselves: "Can we blame him?” The past few weeks have been the pits. I refuse to see Tyler Perry doing Madea yet again, even if he's doing his best Ernest impersonation in jail, especially when our very own John "JFK” Kennedy warned me that it's lamer than Tiny Tim. I'm not a 13-year-old suburban girl, so seeing The Jonas Brothers in 3D sits right next to listening to 808s & Heartbreak again on my "things to voluntarily do” list. And I'd seen Slumdog Millionaire twice already before the Oscars, so I can't hop on that post-Academy Awards bandwagon (The Wrestler got robbed of a nomination, I tell you!).

As a new week begins, though, so does an increasingly exciting time at the cinema. I'm seeing Watchmen tonight, so I'll have a full-on fanboy reaction tomorrow (longwinded, you can bet on), and since Watchmen hits theaters this Friday as the first quarter of ‘09's "event movie,” a couple of big summer movie trailers will be attached to its preface. One such preview being a new, fuller Star Trek exhibition, which I've yet to see; the other, this new Terminator Salvation showcase, which is "rocking that shit like.” I'm just going to let director McG, star Christian Bale, newcomer-set-to-blow-up Sam Worthington, fine-eyes Bryce Dallas Howard, and only-glimpsed-here bombshell Moon Bloodgood do the explaining. I will say, however, that this has eclipsed Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen as my most anticipated popcorn flick of the summer.

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