It's the weekend and your girlfriend is on your mind, but so are visions of thumb-blistering brawls and high-def pyrotechnics. No sweat! Today's couples-friendly interactive smashes can help you pop shots and, uh…your lovely's love below. Cop the following date-night favorites and, for one brief shining moment, honey won't hate the player—or the game.

By Scott Steinberg

5.) WarioWare: Smooth Moves
She digs consoles like you dig the clap. Break baby girl in easy with 200-plus micro-games, each lasting less than 10 seconds. Slapping sleepers, sawing logs, swatting flies—everything is controlled by waggling the motion-sensing remote. Speaking of waggling, between the geeked-out graphics and kinky Japanese vibe, freaks will be all up on that thumb stick.

4.) SingStar
Want deep throat? Moisten those pipes crooning along on a USB microphone to Beyoncé or OutKast. Multiplayer duet or head-to-head segments provide sick karaoke-style thrills; team options and online song downloads are also a high note. The only downside is wondering if this aphrodisiac will help your Valentine reach Mariah-style, glass-breaking falsettos while playing with her…well, you get the picture.

3.) Guitar Hero III
PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii

Grab a wireless guitar controller and party like a rock star (sorry, purple pills sold separately) to the Beastie Boys' "Sabotage” or Heart's "Barracuda.” Two can cooperate and compete, ensuring even unwitting bystanders become slaves to the grind. Shred elegantly and dimes will wonder what else those fingers can do.

2.) Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action!
Xbox 360

Shorty can quote every movie in existence, including Will Ferrell's catalog. And even though your cinematic knowledge ends with the Porky's series, you can step your game up with more than 1,800 Hollywood-inspired stumpers, complete with authentic audio and video clips from the movies. Good thing, too, because we love reenacting Samuel L. Jackson's religious rant in Pulp Fiction.

1.) Cooking Mama 2

Sure, hitting your jump-off up for some spastic vegetable-chopping or dough-kneading diversions may seem tasteless. But believe us, this orally fixated favorite will get the mood percolating. Added bonus: It leaves several easy outs if you receive the gas face after asking for a piece of that sweet, nasty, gushy stuff.