Has a sister spat at home ever spilled over to work?

Don't lie to me, woman.
We're not!
Christina: We don't have to front. We have our differences and disagreements, but none of them happen on set.

We, we, oui. I didn't know you guys spoke French. How about a ménage? You guys understand where I'm going with that?
No. If I was feeling the same guy as my sister, I'd fall back. No guy is worth messing up things between us.

C'mon, save all that syrupy crap for Tyra.
Well, I would mess with the guy's head to make him think he really got game. He's basically trying to mess with me and my sister's heads but in the end the joke is gonna be on him, 'cause nobody is really feeling him.

How about if I hollered at the both of y'all at the same time? Would you play shrink games with me as well?
No, I wouldn't talk to your stank ass [laughs].

What the deuce are you laughing at?
There will be none of that going down, thank you [laughs].

Laughter triggers my self-esteem issues from the third grade—so quit it.
You're so silly.
Emily: You have a big head.

Thanks, but you're being a bit forward. You two weren't too keen on losing your tops for this shoot?
Emily: At first, I was like, "Hell, no.” But, I don't feel bad about it now. It's gonna look really good. There is some class and sexiness to it.
Christina: To be honest, if I was alone, I wouldn't have done it. I felt way more comfortable doing this with my sister because I had her comfort.

You've probably seen each other buck-naked for God knows how long.
[Laughs] When you put it that way, it sounds disgusting.