This NFL season has been mundane.

It's really no one's fault though. 2008 has a tough act to follow.

The 2007 season will go down as one of the greatest in NFL history.

Along with becoming the league's most polarizing team because of spygate, the New England Patriots also shined on field.

Tom Brady and Randy Moss set records for their respective positions and the team came within one David Tyree miracle catch of finishing the season 19-0.

This season's best team? The Tennessee Titans.

Certainly they are a solid team that "plays the right way." They don't rely on their passing game, pound the ball Jim Brown style and lead the league in points allowed per game.

LenDale White and former East Carolina running back Chris Johnson form one of the league's best backfield duos and Jeff Fisher is, arguably, the best coach in the NFL.

Still, they're not what many people would consider "sexy."

They have absolutely no star power compared to other teams in the league.

There's no All-Pro quarterback like Peyton Manning or Brady. No one reading this column could name their starting wide receivers and Keith Bullock is the most dynamic defense player on their roster.

The Titans dominance isn't the only culprit in this boring season.

The two most talked about players this season have been Adam "Pacman" Jones and Tom Brady. Both of whom are – coincidentally – in rehab and have played a total of five games.

Jones got in a scuffle with his team-issued security officer and was quickly suspended by Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Brady tore his ACL and MCL in New England's first offense series against Kansas City. His wasn't the only key injury though.

Manning is obviously still hurt from two knee surgeries over the summer and the Colts' offense is struggling because of it.

After Dallas quarterback Tony Romo broke his pinkie, the Cowboys, thought by many to be a super bowl shoo-in have lost three of five and seem to be in disarray.

The San Diego Chargers have been a severe disappointment and LaDanian Tomlinson seems to have finally slowed down.

The Carolina Panthers or New York Giants are probably the NFC's best teams, using the same philosophy as the Titans.

Does a Giants-Titans or Steelers-Panthers Super Bowl match-up excite you?

I suppose it's to be expected after the wonderful season that was 2007. Until then, the up-and-down world of College Football will do.

Maybe things will pick up when the playoffs start.

Wake me up, when December ends…