2008 was an incredible year.

It was a rare opportunity for the sports fan to see many of the world's greatest athletes performing at their peak in the most dire or important of circumstances.

We had—arguably—the greatest golf major championship and greatest men's tennis match in history, within a month of each other.

The Super Bowl saw, perhaps, it's greatest catch and most dramatic ending.

The NCAA Men's basketball tournament went into overtime—thanks to Mario Chalmers—for the first time since 1988.

Two olympians dazzled the world with their athleticism and skill—combining for 11 gold medals.

Not to mention, one of the NBA's best franchises returned to the NBA finals after a long absence.

It was that kind of year in 2008, one we won't soon forget.

Note: These eight events are what struck me the most in 2008. Certainly this isn't the final answer and feel to disagree/argue.

Thanks for reading in 2008 and I look forward to the dialogue we'll have in 2009.

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