As we all know, or it's already touched you personally, the economy is a mess. Last week I had to travel for my job, which I do quite frequently, and usually it requires an airplane for me to get to the destination. I was aware of the fee for checking an additional bag, so I crammed everything into one suitcase. Being a female and traveling for more than a week (well some of us it could be a weekend lol) this was a very difficult task, but I did it! I get to the airport and I'm checking my bag and they tell me I owe $15. I'm like, For what? They say that it's now $15 for the first checked bag. Wow! When did that happen and why didn't I get that memo? LOL! As I'm leaving the counter I see that there is also additional fees for beverages, snacks, pillows, etc. I mean, come on! As much as airline tickets cost, you would think all of those fees were wrapped into the cost of the ticket.

I understand the price of fuel has gone up, but, jeez, don't make it so obvious that the traveler is going to pay the additional costs. The trick is to hide them into the flight costs (that way people aren't as ticked off and they don't think you're nickel and diming them (darn the marketer is coming out of me lol). Taking to the air is definitely the fastest way to get to where you need to go, but Amtrak is starting to look a little more enticing. Here are some great tips on how to avoid some of the airlines fees, it may mean stuffing more into that carry on (Don't be surprised if that's the next charge added lol), but hey if you can save a buck or two in this economy, it's definitely worth it. So make sure you check out everything before you book a flight and don't be caught off guard. Here's to Safe and Pocket Saving Travels!!!!

*Thanks James for creating the photo. Who knows I may one day have my own airline (smile)

"Whenever we safely land in a plane, we promise God a little something.” ~Mignon McLaughlin