Name: Vanity "The 8th" Wonder

Age: ...

Industry Age [You know everyone has one]: 25 [laughs]

Nationality: Black

Place of Birth: Toledo, Ohio (Go Buckeyes!)

Where do you rep? The Mitten...Michigan.

Height: Officially? I'm 4'11", but in my head, I'm 5 feet, even. 

Weight: 120lbs




Profession: Model

Relationship Status: Single

Measurements: 32B-23-43

Favorite Sport: Track and Field

Favorite Movie: Anything that M. Night Shyamalan makes.

Favorite Artist: Drake

Favorite Food: Fried Chicken Wings and Spaghetti. Together.

Astrological Sign: Libra...The Scales

What body part attracts the most attention? The waist and butt combo.


Now, what would you like people to be attracted to? I like my butt and waist, I like that they like it. Looking at it gets my attention [laughs].

McDonald's or Burger King? As of late Burger King.

Sleep or sex? Can I have just a little of both? Gimmie some sex and I'll sleep afterward [laughs].

Tell us a funny, but dirty joke. A man and a woman started to have sex in the middle of a dark forest. After about 15 minutes of it, the man finally gets up and says, "Damn, I wish I had a flashlight!" The woman says, "Me too, you've been eating grass for the past ten minutes!"

The person I would most like to meet is (Without saying Oprah, Michelle Obama and President Obama)… It's a tie between Pharrell and Mos Def.

Can you cook? If so, what's your specialty? Yes I can. Hot dogs [laughs].

What were you doing five minutes before this interview? I was soapy and rinsing it off my body in the shower.


If you had to sleep with one woman who would it be? Pink. I AM SO SORRY BUT IT IS THE TRUTH [laughs]. Why? Because she looks like she is attentive and aggressive. And the fact that she has millions doesn't hurt.

What is the most important issue in the world today and why? In my opinion the biggest issue is violence and hatred. I say this because our hate for one another has escalated to the point where we have children killing each other, and others. Hatred leads to violence and violence leads to bloodshed.

Do you own any adult videos? No, but I'm not opposed to them. I want one where you can tell that they REALLY are enjoying each other.

How old were you when you had your first kiss and paint us the picture? Hmmm. I was 15 and still in my "I think I'm Tupac" stage. I was at a dance with one of my then BFF's. A guy that I grew up with was there and I hadn't seen him in YEARS. We were like oil and water. I'm laughing cause I NEVER thought he was cute and always wanted to physically fight him. He walked over to me and kissed me. Just like that. In a crowded club full of our peers. I looked at him like he had lost his damn mind...and then gave him my number [laughs]! After that we lost touch, but we've kicked it on and off from ages 18-20. He is still a good friend to this day but he gets no benefits.

When did you know you could be a model? I knew I could be a model around early 2008 because of the amount of attention I would get. Photographers would approach me in the street with their cards. I thought to myself "V-Dubb. If you are smart, You will hop on this train and ride it till either it derails or they drag you off kicking and screaming. That is exactly what I plan on doing.


Can we buy you a drink and if so, what kind? Yes you can if you don't plan on standing by me all night [laughs]. I would like some Patron with an O.J. chaser, please.

Ever had a one-night stand? Ahem...Speak a little louder! I'm a little deaf in that ear!

Have you ever told a lie? I don't know [rolling her eyes].

Did you just lie about having or not having a one-night stand? What???? You keep talking in that ear. I'll sit on the other side of you.

If I ruled the world, I would… Sell it for profit.

Doing this will get you cut… Getting in my personal space and or touching me. I can't STAND when I'm in the club or at the mall and someone touches or grabs me. To talk to me you do not have to touch me. I'm oh so serious about my personal space cause where I'm from if someone is getting too close they are trying to do you harm.

Lights on or lights off? If you want me to say everything I feel and act off the charts freaky...You might wanna turn them lights out.

The biggest misconception about me is… That I'm a hoodrat. When people see a dark skinned girl with a big booty they automatically assume that she has six kids with seven baby-daddies, that she's loud, uneducated, ghetto, promiscuous etc. After I start talking, people are often surprised that my vocabulary is as extensive as it is, and that I have proper sentence structure [laughs].

Tell us something your parents don't know about you… question.

Preferred type of underwear? I have been hearing reports that they still make those. Hmmmm. Didn't know. I haven't wore any in years.

What is the most creative thing a guy has said or done to approach you? I was at a gas station and this guy offered to pay for my stuff. I thought that was cute.

If you don't have a lot of money, you better have... Your sh*t together [laughs].

What's your fetish? SHOES, MUSIC AND PRETTY GIRLS!!!!


BONUS QUESTION: What makes you the 8th Wonder of the World? A Wonder of the World gains that title because of its beauty and exclusivity. You can't go everywhere and see the Great Wall of China, you have to go to China. I am the 8th Wonder of the World because I'm a bite-size girl with big girl curves. How many 4'11" girls do you see wit curves like woman twice her size? That is why I'm The Eight Wonder. "I post pictures and the internet GOES NUTS, They do the same and the internet don't give a f___"