January 2
DMX announces his plan to release two albums on the same day: Walk With Me Now, a rap album, and You'll Fly With Me Now, a gospel CD. The Winans family probably raised holy hell!

January 21
Surveillance cameras placed along the Loop 101 freeway in Phoenix catch DMX clocking speeds of 100, 101 and 144 mph in his 1966 Chevrolet Nova II. Identifying him was a breeze: His car had a large DMX decal on the windshield. Seriously.

March 16
During an interview with XXLmag.com, X claims he's never even heard of Barack Obama. X rants, "His name is Barack? What the fuck is a Barack? The n***a's name is Barack?! Wow.”

May 9
A Phoenix SWAT team raids X's home at 3 A.M. and discovers more drugs and weapons, so they take him into custody for drug possession, plus animal-cruelty charges that date back to August 2007.

May 19
Ten years ago DMX released his four-times-platinum debut album, It's Dark and Hell Is Hot.

June 23
In Miami, police officers arrest X for driving with a suspended license.

June 28
X bails on his New York court appearance. Judge Barbara Leek issues an arrest warrant and, addressing her court, says she's tired of this crackhead's nonsense. Well, not really. Her exact words: "We have granted him a number of courtesies. It ends now.”

June 30
DMX asks a dealer in Miami for "30 powder and 15 weed” and hands over $45. The dealer is an undercover cop. He goes directly to jail and does not collect on either the "30 powder” or "15 weed.”

July 19
The 5-0 bag X at a Phoenix mall on identity-fraud charges. Apparently the ever-frugal rapper tried to wiggle his way out of a $7,500 medical bill by using the alias Troy Jones during an April visit to Scottsdale's Mayo Clinic. Everyone reacts to the recession in his own way.

August 12
A bench warrant is issued for DMX after he misses an Arizona court date tied to his August 2007 drug case.

August 14
Outside a Miami Wal-Mart, DMX turns a handicapped spot into his very own priority parking space. Noticing the vehicle lacked the necessary sticker, a traffic officer runs his ID and uncovers the fugitive felony arrest warrant issued in Phoenix.

August 19
The rapper misses an Arizona court date because he's still in a Miami jail cell. Since he was arrested for a felony fugitive warrant, Miami officials can't offer him bail (a request the day before was denied), so the rapper has to be extradited to Arizona or await his October court date in Miami.

August 20
In an interview with AllHipHop.com, DMX reveals his plan to produce a new reality show, DMX: This Life of Mine, which would follow his many, many, many run-ins with the law.

August 26
After being denied bail for a second time, the ever-articulate DMX grumbles, "I ain't going to no fuckin' jail.” Judge Lawrence Schwartz reprimands the rapper and his exhausted counsel.

August 27
Back in court, DMX pleads guilty to attempting to buy cocaine and marijuana in June. He's sentenced to time already served and given a $483 court fine. Still, he must remain in prison until Arizona authorities extradite him.

September 10
Complex.com reveals an unedited July interview with the rapper, in which he drops such insightful, quotable gems as "I don't have sex; I fuck.”

September 12
DMX is extradited to Arizona, where he now has to face a gazillion charges.

September 22
DMX is rushed to a hospital for "fear of a stroke” and subsequently misses his September 23 court date.

December 5
After missing a court date in Arizona, a $5,000 reward for info leading to DMX's arrest was issued by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Department. Later that day, he was apprehended the FBI in producer Scott Storch's mansion in Palm Island, Florida.