For some reason or another, we were craving some more of the delectable Jennifer Morel, so we've rounded up even more of her hottest photos.

She's got a background in dancing (jazz, hip-hop, ballet, etc.), and has used her talents to great effect. Especially when couple with her gorgeous exotic looks, her dancing can render men hypnotized and entranced. This comes to no surprise, since she used to exactly that when she used to be a go-go dancer at clubs in New York City.

Miss Jennifer Morel is one of the finest things to come to our shores, hailing from Santiago in the Dominican Republic. Being from such a place has made it so that Jenn Morel and images of the beach and her in a bikini have been kind of synonymous. We love seeing her in her various forms of swimwear, ranging from the modest-but-flattering to the most downright sexiest bikinis you've ever seen in your life. It's funny just how a day at the beach can leave when sweaty and thirsty, but we'd venture to say that even just seeing Jenn at the beach could make one even thirstier.

Aside from her modeling, dancing, appearances in music videos and endless days spent in sexy swimwear, Jenn is also quite a kind person and has been known to dedicate some of her time teaching youth from low income families how to dance. She's charitable in all kinds of ways and we definitely admire that.

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