Let us give your eyes a little treat with the sight of Aaleeyah Petty's hottest Instagram pictures.

She's one of the hottest young women to grace social media and has racked up lots of followers thanks to her level of activity and her incredible good looks. This model currently has 436,000 followers on Instagram alone, with plenty of dudes falling into her thirst traps and professing their appreciation for her curves and jaw-dropping assets.

There's not too much that's known about this young woman, but she's been a huge force on other social media, especially Vine. Who wouldn't want to see videos of this gorgeous girl in action? The best thing is, you get to see her in all of her glory while also being comedic. We love it when a fine women like Aaleeyah knows how to get a guy to laugh and doesn't take herself so seriously. It's this kind of versatility that makes a girl truly special and show that she's multifaceted, and more than just a pretty face.

She's even got a video of her chilling at Buffalo Wild Wings, more colloquially known as B-Dubs, which means she's a fan of chicken wings. And yes, that means we're even more in love with her now.

Check out her photos in that gallery above and follow her on Instagram, Twitter and Vine to see more of what she can do. You'll likely fall into a thirst trap, but you're also likely to laugh at some of the videos she's posted.