The young Alexis Sky is a bombshell whose looks can render any grown man witless with just one glance. Don't believe us? Just check out these examples.

There's not a wealth of information about the incredibly attractive and impossibly sexy Alexis Sky, but this 20-year-old dancer and model hails from New York, although she now calls Atlanta her home. The transition from the northeast to the south must have been difficult, but we've got the feeling that she'd receive a warm welcome wherever she decided to set up camp.

She's a petite thing, standing at 5'1", but that doesn't mean she's not capable of doing big things. Alexis Sky is a mix of Dominican and Jamaican, giving her this sultry look that's made her unique among most models and dancers. And as if her lovely face weren't enough, she's got a body that's out of this world, with curves so fine that you'd have to stabilize your head if you followed her contours with your eyes.

If you're lucky, you'll be around when she performs at one of the hottest clubs in the country, like V Live Houston and Ace of Diamonds in Los Angeles. In the event that you're present at one of her shows, then definitely be sure to show her some love.

Become a fan of hers on Instagram and Twitter, which will ensure that you'll be able to follow her moves and see more of her great pictures.