We're taking a look at a model so fine that she almost makes us weep tears of joy. Enjoy Amber Grace's hottest pictures.

Amber Grace is another fine young woman who calls herself one of Taz's Angels. She's gorgeous, that's for sure, but what makes her extra special is the fact that she's a fan of bikes and likes to ride out on the streets. There's just something about a gorgeous girl who likes to hop on a speed machine that really does it for us. This California native is a mix of Arabic and Mexican descent and has features that blow us away. As you could probably tell from the pictures above, she's not very shy and loves to share her images with people. That kind of giving spirit is just what we like in a woman, especially if she looks as good as Amber does.

Besides being an amazing model and a lover of bikes, Amber also dabbles in being a YouTuber. She doesn't have very many videos uploaded at the moment, but she does have a review for the Stella Jacket in which she rides and poses with a bunch of bikes and even rides one while laying down. Yeah, she's definitely our kind of girl.

If you haven't become a fan of hers yet, then remedy that mistake by following her on social media. Check out her Instagram and YouTube pages to see even more of this gorgeous young woman in action. You won't be disappointed.