Gather around as we end our week with a look at a beauty known as Angelica Charrupi. Come get lost in her green eyes.

You might know her as the girl you couldn't stop staring at in the music video for Drake's "Started from the Bottom", but Angelica Charrupi is so much more. This girl rocks measurements of 32D-24-38 that could drop most healthy, grown men to their knees in awe and has the kind of piercing, green eyes that could strike straight into a man's soul and render him immobile. She's just that fine.

Angelica's an actress and a model who's no stranger to getting hit on because of her incredible good looks. If you're lucky enough to see her out in the world, then we wouldn't blame you if you became dumbstruck and started regurgitating the phrase, "You look straight gorgy" while ogling all of her curves and more delicate features. One must be a gentleman at all times, but it's perfectly understandable to have a lapse in behavior if you're faced with a girl like Angelica.

She's just another prime example of why we should always be thanking our neighbors to the north, because she hails from Hamilton, Ontario. This Colombian cutie is one of the best thing we've gotten from Canada and we look forward to seeing more of her work in the coming years. Keep up with her moves in the industry and see more of her pictures by following her on Instagram and Twitter.