As far as Taz's Angels, a group of incredibly sexy young women, go, Ashley Martelle is one of the absolute tastiest. And here are some of her hottest photos.

She makes everything in Miami, otherwise known as Magic City, seem that much hotter by virtue of just existing there. She's a Louisiana girl through and through, but becoming one of Taz's Angels was like her destiny, especially given how incredibly beautiful she is. In fact, she's so alluring that even Amber Rose got to flirting with her and we don't blame her one bit. Just a single look at Ashley, her curves and her ability to twerk as if the existence of the universe depended on it and we'd be more than sprung.

She's amassed nearly one million followers on Instagram alone and it's not hard to see why. Ashley keeps engaged with all of her fans and offers up a lot more than just pictures of her in various states of undress (although those are very nice too). Ashley got a haircut recently and is rocking an asymmetrical, blonde bob and decided to celebrate that fact by posting a picture of Android 18 from the anime series, Dragon Ball Z, a character who shares the same hairstyle. Sexy, down-to-earth, and funny -- what more could you ask for from a girl like her?

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