It's time for us to show some love for the fantastic Ashley Zee and get hypnotized by her beauty.

Don't know about Ashley Zee yet? Well, you will. This gorgeous girl is a model who comes to us from Baltimore, Maryland, showing us that the Inner Harbor isn't the only thing that the city has gifted us.

This published model has Native American ancestry and a uniquely alluring look to boot, standing at 5'5" and with out-of-this-world measurements of 34D-24-40. Those kinds of curves are dangerous when traveled upon. As a model, she's appeared in a variety of magazines including Roll Models, Seductive Complexions, Black Men Magazine and more. If you're lucky, then you've seen her spreads in these publications and are familiar with her work, which probably means that you've already fallen for her incredibly looks and winsome personality.

Her horizons as a model are pretty wide and she has interest in acting, art, bodypaint, dance, editorial, erotic, fashion, fitness, glamour, runway, hosting and more. With such versatility and talent, there's no doubt that Ashley Zee will continue to become a force to be reckoned with in the modeling industry and beyond.

If you haven't become a fan of hers yet, we suggest you remedy that by following her on Instagram and Twitter. There's a reason she has 263,000 followers on Instagram and 21,800 followers on Twitter. Add to her ranks and keep up-to-date on her moves in the industry. If you're lucky enough, she'll come host at a club near you and you'll be able to meet her.