Do you like your girls beautiful and inked? Then you're going to want to be introduced to Asiah Azante.

Unfortunately, this tattooed beauty is already taken by Kid Ink, but we can't help but show her some love and appreciate her merits. Asiah has an alliterative name that rolls off the tongue like poetry, which is only fitting given that this young model is like a work of art. You can see samples of her shoots online, giving you a look at just how much the camera loves her. And like her boyfriend, she sports a bevy of tattoos that not only look cool, but seemingly augment her status as a beautiful badass in front of the camera.

She also happens to sport a lot of activewear for Fitness Flavorss, which means that she keeps fit (as if that fact wasn't already apparent). There's nothing more attractive than a woman who likes to take care of her body and has the confidence to show the world. We wish we were as active and as fit as her, but we can only dream.

Whether she's being photographed in exotic locations by the beach or in the middle of a workout session, Asiah always looks gorgeous and can exude a sense of both fun and sexiness. What more could we ask for in a woman?

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