Name Nebraska's number one gift to the world. If your answer wasn't Ayisha Diaz, then you're wrong.

This Dominican beauty is small, beautiful and as curvy as they come. Ayisha Diaz stands at 5'3", making her very fun-sized, and rocks measurements of 34-27-39. Put these factors together and you get one incredible video vixen and model who's made a huge impression on her fans and given the hip-hop scene something more beautiful to gaze upon.

She's got a pretty extensive list of music video appearances, which is only par for the course of a video vixen/model. If you're not already a fan of hers (and we don't see why you wouldn't be), you might probably remember her beauty and curves from music videos like "Clappers" by Wale ft. Nicki Minaj & Juicy J, "Beamer, Benz or Bentley" by Lloyd Banks ft. Juelz Santana and "Pass the Patron" by Tony Tayo ft. 50 Cent. If you've ever seen her appearances in these videos, then it's no wonder that these artists wanted her good looks to be a part of the visuals for their records.

Watch those videos and become a fan of Ayisha's. Then, when you're all done, do yourself a favor and start following her on social media. By becoming a fan