If you've ever felt the need for more curves in your life, the model and fitness buff Aylen Alvarez is sure to sate that need.

This Cuban model is both beautiful and busty, standing at a height of 5'3" and packing all of the right kinds of curvature you'd expect in a girl who takes her fitness seriously. Now, it's easy to make fun of a person who goes to the gym just to take pictures of themselves and snap selfies while on an elliptical, but Aylen proves that a person can do all of that while putting in the work and looking damn good while doing so.

Her commitment to her body and keeping it healthy just translate into her professional life, as she does fitness modeling and even endorses fitness supplements. If they can help us look as toned and as strong as her, we'd probably be tempted to start taking them and work out at the gym a lot more, just to get on her level.

Just to illustrate how fit and sexy Aylen Alvarez is, all we have to say is that she makes yoga balls look hot and that seeing her work one is a sight to behold (even in the videos that don't come out perfectly).

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