Let's give it up for Bria Murphy, one of the loveliest models you'll ever set your eyes upon. As a bonus, she's addicted to lingerie. Just saying.

Bria Murphy is a beautiful model and actress who just happens to be the daughter of legendary comedian Eddie Murphy, meaning she's the niece of Charlie Murphy. We know she's gorgeous and all, but we wouldn't approach her with anything but respect, just so we can avoid being in a future episode of "Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories" in which he karate kicks us in the chest like he did with Rick James.

This gorgeous model was born in Sacramento, California and stands at a petite 5'3", proving that big things can come in small packages. As a model, she wears anything from alluring evening wear to lingerie, which she claims is an addiction of hers. And even those she looks pretty demure and graceful now, she was apparently scrappy in her younger days, getting into her first and only fight when she was 15 years of age. We like it when someone can be passionate like that, but it's also a good thing to see that they know how to control their passions if they run too high.

Bria Murphy is pretty much a dream girl and we'd be blessed to have her in our midst. Become a fan of hers by following her on Instagram and Twitter so you can stay on top of her appearances and projects this year, like her film, Drive, She Said.