We're starting the week with a treat for the eyes that'll just make us thirstier, but in the best ways. Take a look at the curvaceous Briana Bette.

Briana hails from Dallas, Texas and is a woman who wears many hats. She's a fitness trainer, sure, but she's also a model and entrepreneur, having started a business of her own that's built on the concept of accepting one's thickness and highlighting it as a positive. As fans of thick women with curves, we can stand behind this notion 100%.

According to her bio, Briana has always had a thicker build, and sometimes was given mean nicknames because of it. She'd be called "stallion, horse legs, thunder thighs and Big Booty Bri" while growing up. Those she had negative experiences and feelings due to her thickness, she'd later go on to accept her body type and then eventually turn it into a positive. Not only did she become more body-positive and worked on making her physique the best it could be, but she also came up with a way to help women of similar body types and curvaceousness by starting up a business called "Fit Butt Curvy."

She's garnered a whole lot of followers in her time as a model, currently boasting 389,000 followers on Instagram and 68,900 followers on Twitter as of this writing. If you'd like to add to her numbers, you can follow her on Instagram and Twitter. Be sure to keep up with her moves in the industry and check out all of her sexy pictures.