We're setting our sights on one Miss Brittany Renner, a fitness model who's sure to get your muscles tight with her physique.

She comes to us from Houston, Texas and proves the old adage that things certainly are bigger from Texas. And we're not talking about big as in size, although certain parts of her amazing body are definitely the right kind of big, but we mean in scope and popularity. As of this writing, the gorgeous and fit Miss Renner boasts 964,000 fans on Instagram alone. That's a solid number for a fitness model trying to inspire others online to live a healthier lifestyle and to attain the physiques that they desire. As you can plainly see from her photos, she's achieved all kinds of fitness. Everything from her tones abs, her shapely posterior and powerful thighs show us that Brittany Renner is a woman who's proud of her body and worked hard to get it to the level it is now.

When she's not making all of the boys thirsty and inspiring women online to take their fitness goals in their own hands, she's modeling fitness gear and hosting "boot camps" for the Fit Thick Army. These events involve workouts, dinner and then a party a night club. That all sounds like a pretty good time, especially when hosted by a beauty like Brittany.

Become a fans of hers on social media and follow her on Instagram and Twitter. Maybe seeing her lovely form in pictures will inspire you to go after your own fitness goals.