We're taking a closer look at one of the finest Wild 'N Out girls this side of the television. Here's the indomitable Brittney Elena.

She's a woman of many talents and she's gorgeous to boot. We're talking about Brittney Elena, who lists herself as an athlete, a model, an actress, a host and even a goofball for good measure. You might know her from Wild 'N Out Season 7, which is probably how you fell in love with her, right?

Besides her times on the MTV show, she also models a great deal and looks downright fetching in a jersey suit, which is an outfit made out of a basketball jersey. There's just something so alluring about seeing a woman as beautiful as her with a basketball jersey slinking off her curves. That's the kind of sight that would make us both weak at the knees and speechless.

When she's not being snapped or filmed, she leads a pretty active lifestyle. How else do you keep a body that incredible so tight and fit?Whether she's shooting some ball or enjoying a brisk run through some hilly trails, we wouldn't mind tagging along.

You can get a taste of how this gorgeous woman lives by becoming a fan of hers on social media. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter to see more of her misadventures and to view even more of her sexy pictures. Trust us, this is one girl you'll want to keep your eye on, so show her some love in the process.