Her last name might have been a popular insult to throw at nerds in pop culture, but Camilla Poindexter is the furthest thing from a geek.

The time has come to pay tribute to a woman so lovely and fit that she puts most of us who religiously go to the gym to shame. But how could you not love actress, model and television personality Camilla Poindexter? She's probably most known for being on Oxygen's Bad Girls Club and a host of other reality shows, like America's Next Top Model and Momma's Boys, a reality dating show in which mothers choose women for their sons. If we were on that show, we'd have made sure our moms knew to pick Camilla for us.

Camilla's a California girl who was born in Harbor City and raised in Long Beach. She's no stranger to the sun and keeping herself busy, especially when it came to athletics. Just to name a few of her extracurricular activities, Camilla took part in tennis, dance, tae kwon doe and drill team. That's right; she can probably throw you around and look good while doing so.

We're hoping to see more of her on television, so it's a good thing to see that she's not showing any signs of slowing down, having appeared in a lot of Bad Girls spin-offs, well into 2015. You can become a fan of hers by following her on Instagram and Twitter. See more of her great pictures and keep updated on her appearances on television.