Take a look at a triple threat from Puerto Rico. Here's actress, singer and model Carmireli. Oh, and she's drop dead gorgeous to boot.

This petite powerhouse rocks a 34B-24-38 figure, standing at 5'5" and looking damn fine whatever she does. It's no wonder that she's found lots of success and fans as a model, given her incredible body and her alluring looks. There's just something about those green eyes that draw us in and never lets us go. Combine that with her full lip and seductive figure, and you've got a bonafide man eater on your hands.

Another thing that will catch your eye about this beautiful girl is the ink that she rocks on her hips, underarm and lower belly. If you like your girls tatted and hot, then you wouldn't have to look any further than Carmireli. It's just a little funny that her name sounds like "caramel," because we're sure she's just as sweet.

On top of the modeling and acting, Carmireli is a singer. She's got her single, "Dear Molly", up on iTunes, so you can listen to her dulcet tones as you look upon her incredible form in these pictures.

If you're not a fan of hers yet, then you can start by following her on Instagram and Twitter. You'll be added to her legion of 26,500 followers on Instagram alone and 14,500 on Twitter. Be sure to keep up-to-date on her moves in the entertainment industry.