And now we come to the big gun in Taz's Angels. Here's Cat Da Great, the de facto leader of the mysterious model group.

That's quite the moniker that Catherine has chosen for herself, but she does everything to earn the "da Great" part of her title. This Dominican beauty is the alpha female of the group and has been around since the Angels' conception. She acts as a recruiter and invites other beautiful women to become a sister and to uphold the values of an Angel. This means that she holds it down when it comes to promoting Caviar Blaque merchandise, modeling and any of the girls' appearances around the many night clubs in the area.

As for Catherine herself, she's a very gorgeous young woman who is very active on social media and certainly brings the thirst wherever she goes. Cat Da Great shares a lot of herself online, not just when it comes to her incredible good looks, but also with her thoughts and feelings. She even shares intimate details about herself like her love for R.L. Stine books and being excited as a kid whenever the Scholastic Book Fair came around. If that's not a throwback, then we don't know what is.

Check out all of her offerings on social media and become a fan of hers on Instagram. You'll be treated to a bevy of her increasingly sexy photos and can keep up with her appearances. Who knows, you might be lucky enough to be around when she and the rest of the Angels make an appearance at a club.