Need a treat for your eyes? We're starting off the week with a tasty woman named Chandra Davis. But you might know her better as Deelishis or London Charles.

Chandra Davis is known for her time as a reality TV star and being the winner of Flavor of Love Season Two. And though the show has been over some time now and she's no longer dating Flavor Flav, Chandra is very much still involved in the entertainment industry. Not only has she acted as a video vixen and appeared in music videos, but she's also modeled and even launched her own music career.

You might be familiar with her tracks "Rumpshaker", "Groove with You", "The Movement" and "Set It Off", all of which were released in the late Aughts. You might be even more familiar with some of her music video appearances, like in videos for songs such as "Break 'Em Off" by Paul Wall or "Touch It Remix" by Busta Rhymes. Whatever your exposure to her is, you've probably been taken in by her good looks and incredible body. It's no surprise that she also models, given the fact that she's an immensely attractive woman with curves that could send a man's eyes flying out of their sockets.

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