We're going to take a look at the incredible Chantel Jeffries today, because we're fans of all things beautiful and she definitely fits the bill.

She rose to fame when she became romantically linked to Justin Bieber, but we have a feeling that Chantel would have had no problem becoming famous on her own, given her stunning good looks and model status. But Bieber wasn't her only celebrity conquest, because Miss Jeffries has also been romantically linked to Justin Combs, who is Diddy's son, and the Philadelphia Eagles' own Desean Jackson. It comes to no surprise then that she's amassed a following on social media, boasting 1.4 million fans on Instagram alone. This only makes sense, given the frequency at which she posts sexy pictures of herself in various states of dress. Our favorites, needless to say, are her swimwear photos, because of how well they accentuate her many curves.

She stays very connected to her fans and has even started writing blog posts in order to share her thoughts and further build a connection with her audience. That's refreshing to see in a celebrity, especially in an age when celebrity social media accounts are run by teams or only seek to promote products, taking advantage of that particular celebrity's influence.

Connect with Chantel yourself by following her on social media. You can check her out on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Be sure to show her some love and to offer your own thoughts about her blog posts. We're sure she'll appreciate the input.